Clearwater County Landfill

Clearwater County Landfill

Exciting News!! Read here about Clearwater County's collaboration regionally for long-term management of demolition debris and other solid waste -  This project is a regional partnership between nine northwest Minnesota counties to develop long-term solutions surrounding C&D management.


 Fee Schedule (rev. February, 2023)

Printable Fee Schedule

Demolition Debris – CLEAN* – small quantity** No Charge $10/cu. yd. $30/cu. yd.
Demolition Debris – CLEAN – large quantity Actual Cost*** Actual Cost*** $30/cu. yd.
Shingles – CLEAN No Charge No Charge $10/cu. yd.
Concrete – CLEAN No Charge No Charge $10/cu. yd.
Scrap Metal No Charge No Charge No Charge
Bypass – small quantity No Charge $10/cu. yd. $20/cu. yd.
Bypass – large quantity $20/cu. yd. $20/cu. yd. $40/cu. yd.
Major Appliances $5 each $5 each $10 each
Recyclable Electronics (computer CPUs, monitors and TVs) No Charge $0.20/lb. $0.40/lb.
Yard Waste No Charge No Charge $5/cu. yd.
Burn Pile No Charge No Charge $5/cu. yd.
Tires market cost market cost Not Accepted
Oil filters No Charge $0.50/ea. $1.00/ea.
Fluorescent Light Bulbs and Ballast No Charge market cost $1.00/ea.

All fees stated are for identifiable, un-compacted waste.  

* “CLEAN” means waste that contains only the listed material and does not require hand-picking to remove objectionable material.  For example, demolition debris that contains household garbage is NOT CLEAN.  Shingles contaminated with non-shingle material and concrete with wood and/or re-bar are considered NOT CLEAN.  Add $20.00 per cubic yard for waste that requires hand-picking of objectionable material.

** “Small quantity” means approximately 10 cubic yards or less from a single property within a single calendar year, or in effect an amount reasonably expected to be associated with normal use of a property in accordance with its solid waste fee classification.  In excess of this amount is a large quantity.  Large quantities of Demolition Debris that is NOT CLEAN will not be accepted. 

***Actual Cost is calculated by pre-demolition inspection only and is intended for large quantities such as whole buildings.  Fees are calculated at a rate of $15.60 per cubic yard plus $150/hour labor and equipment.


Market Cost for Tires (updated 2/14/2023)

@ $430.00/ton 

Passenger car tire, average 25# = $5.00

Light truck tire, avg. 30# = $7.00

OTR truck tire, avg. 145# are outside our contract - Not accepted

Out of County - Not accepted

* tires larger than 54” are outside our contract