Clearwater County's Public Notification System

CLEARWATER COUNTY ALERTS is used for emergency notification to the county for MAJOR incidents (Evacuations, Shelter-in-Place, Major Emergency) as well as for Severe Weather Notifications if desired.

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If you were previously enrolled in CodeRED alerts, you MUST register with Clearwater County Alerts to continue to receive emergency and severe weather notifications.

 What does Emergency Management consist of?

Tornadoes, floods, blizzards, and other natural disasters can affect daily routines in Clearwater County. In addition, major disasters such as train wrecks, plane crashes, explosions, hazardous materials, pipeline leaks, and national security emergencies pose a potential threat to public health and safety in Clearwater County.

The Clearwater County office of Emergency Management has a plan in place to ensure the protection of the public from the effects of these hazards

The Clearwater County office of Emergency Management has capabilities and resources which could be used in the response to any disaster. These include the facilities, equipment, personnel, and skills of both government and non-government organizations. Our goal is to ensure the effective, coordinated use of these resources to:

1) Maximize the protection of life and property
2) Ensure the continuity of government
3) Provide support to all areas in Clearwater County which require assistance.

In the event of an Emergency the Emergency Management Office will coordinate resources from our community safety partners like the Clearwater County Sheriff, local police and fire, State Patrol Etc.

 Natural Disasters

  • Flood
  • Wind
  • Tornado
  • Lightning
  • Winter Storms


  • Heat
  • Cold
  • Health
  • Poison
  • Pandemic Flu
  • Swine Flu
  • Chemical Spills
  • Terrorism