Clearwater County Jail

The purpose of the Clearwater County Correctional facility is to maintain a safe, secure, incarceration of adult males and females, pretrial and sentenced, and the detention of juvenile offenders. These inmates will be classified by their behavior as minimum, medium and maximum security risks.

The Clearwater County Correctional Facility will operate in a cost effective manner, recognizing the need to minimize the financial burden to the citizens of Clearwater County.

The Clearwater County Correctional Facility shall operate within the guidelines and laws prescribed by County policy, Department of Corrections regulations, the State of Minnesota and the Constitution of the United States. The Facility will offer a living and working environment for staff and inmates that is clean, safe, healthful, humane and recognizes the needs and rights of the inmate population.

The philosophy of the Correctional Facility is to create an atmosphere that will facilitate a positive change in the inmate's behavior while providing those measures necessary to protect the citizens of Clearwater County.


 Clearwater County Jail Visiting Rules

  • Visitors must have photo identification
  • Dress code is enforced
  • Visitors are subject to warrant checks
  • No food or beverage allowed
  • No pets allowed
  • Only minors accompanied by a parent or guardian will be allowed in facility 

Visiting is limited to 15-20 minutes to ensure time for all visitors.  All social visits shall be non-contact. Each inmate will be allowed a maximum of four visits a week. No person on felony probation or conditions of release from a felony charge shall be allowed to visit any inmate. No person shall be allowed to visit two or more inmates on the same day (excluding immediate family members). No person that has been an inmate at the Clearwater County Jail within the last six months shall be allowed to visit any inmate.  Visitors will be required to call and book their visit no later than noon of the day before visitation.

 Leave a Clearwater County Inmate a Voicemail

To leave a message for a detained friend or relative in the Clearwater County Detention Center:  Dial 218.214.7070
Leave your name, call back telephone  number, and inmate name.  Inmates have access to messages during normal phone access time periods.


 Purchase Inmate Phone Cards Through Reliance Telephone

Purchase a $20, $50, $100 phone card for any inmate. A copy of the purchased card will be delivered directly to the inmate to use. (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express)


 Deposit Money Into an Inmates Account

Deposit funds to inmates in a safe, secure manner, on-line, without the time and cost of driving to the jail facility. Our services are designed to help you and your family provide funds to your loved one.

Or, in person by visiting the TurnKey kiosk located in the Clearwater County Jail lobby that accepts cash and credit card deposits.