• The County Assessor's Office is responsible for the valuation and classification of all taxable real and personal property within the county for property tax purposes. Per Minnesota Statutes and Minnesota Department of Revenue Policies, valuations are based upon recent sales, and classifications are based upon the use of the property. Values are established as of January 2nd of each year.
  • Valuation statements are mailed out in the spring of each year. These are the values that you will see on the following year's tax statements. Review your valuation statement carefully to see if there have been any changes to your property's value or classification. If you feel the value and/or classification are not correct you may appeal to your Local Board of Appeal and Equalization. If your city/township does not have a Local Board of Appeal and Equalization meeting, you may appeal to the Assessor's Office at the Open Book meeting. A schedule for these meetings is posted below. You may also contact the Assessor's Office before the meetings. No changes can be made to your property's value or classification after the County Board of Appeal and Equalization meeting. You can call the Assessor's Office at any time to review your property information. 
  • The Assessor's Office, as part of the assessment process, prepares land ownership maps and maintains a file on real estate sales.