Clearwater County Wetland

Wetland Administration in Clearwater County

The Office of Environmental Services is responsible for the implementation of the Minnesota Wetland Conservation Act locally (MN Rule 8420 ). Here you will find information regarding wetland administration and enforcement in Clearwater County.


Explanation of different wetland types


Other agencies that also have jurisdiction over wetlands:
MN Board of Water and Soil Resources (Administers the act statewide)
United States Army Corps of Engineers (Regular authority)
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (Enforcement authority)



 Q: I'm not sure if an area on my property is wetland, what should I do?

A: Contact Environmental Services to set up an appointment. We will visit your property at no charge and determine if a wetland is present and what type it is.

 Q: I have a project that I would like to start and the area was determined to be wetland. Can I impact the wetland in order to complete my project?

A: If you have a project that may impact wetland such as building a driveway, house, or other activity that would drain, fill, excavate, or otherwise impact wetland; you must complete and submit an application to the following agencies for approval prior to starting any project.
    1. The local government unit. (Environmental Services)
    2. The US Army Corps of Engineers. (If applicable)
    3. The Department of Natural Resources.
    4. The Watershed District. (If applicable)

 Q: I have completed my application and submitted it to the required agencies. Now what happens?

A: Now the LGU has 60 business days to approve the application if it meets all the requirements of the Wetland Conservation Act. If the project does not meet WCA requirements then the LGU must deny the application.

 Q: My application was approved by the LGU. Can I start my project now?

A: Not yet. Once the LGU has approved an application, the applicant must wait 30 days to begin their project. This is the comment period for the other agencies to ask questions or appeal the LGU's decision.

 Q: Okay, 30 days have passed since I was notified that my application was approved and I haven't heard from the USACOE or the DNR. Is something wrong?

A: No. Sometimes the USACOE and the DNR do not have jurisdiction over a given project. In these instances they may not send an approval letter or any letter at all. Since 30 days have passed and you have not been contacted, you may start the project as described in your application.