Clearwater County Sentence To Serve & Community Service Work Crew

If you have been ordered to serve on the Clearwater County Sentence To Serve (STS) or Community Service Work (CSW) Crew, please read the information below.  Arrangements must be made through the probation office.

  • You are expected and required to report for STS/CSW as directed and scheduled by Probation or the STS Crew Leader.

  • On the days you are scheduled to report for STS/CSW, report to the STS office. You must report before 8:00 a.m. If you fail to report on time you will be left and your absence will be considered unexcused!

  • CSW/STS projects occur primarily outdoors and in all types of weather year around. It is your responsibility to come prepared for any type of weather and dress appropriately. You should also bring along a lunch and something to drink.

  • If you fail to report for your scheduled CSW/STS day(s), you will be expected to call the STS Crew Leader by 7:30 a.m. at 218-358-0294, that day with an explanation. All excuses are subject to verification by the Crew Leader and/or Probation Agent. They will then determine what is and what is not excusable. If the Crew Leader is not available you are expected to leave a message on the voicemail with an explanation to your absence.

  • If you report for CSW/STS and for some reason the Crew Leader does not arrive by 7:15 a.m., you may assume the crew has been canceled for the day. You will receive 2 hours of credit for showing up; however, in order to receive that credit, you must call the Crew Leader at 218-358-0294 by 9:00 a.m. and leave a message on the voicemail noticing that you were there.

  • All crewmembers are expected to follow all directives of the Crew Leader, work safely while putting forth your best effort while treating everyone with respect. Any and all inappropriate behavior will be dealt with immediately at the discretion of the Crew Leader and will be thereafter reported to Probation, who will determine if further discipline or consequences are necessary.

  • The Crew Leader has the authority to take away credit from any worker who does not follow all directives given to them, is behaving inappropriately or not putting forth their best effort. These decisions will be made at the discretion of the Crew Leader or Probation. All unexcused absences will be reported to Probation and will likely result in the execution of additional community service days.

Calendar of Available Work Days