Clearwater County Citizens for a Violence Free Community

The CCCVC is a coalition of individuals from community initiatives, organizations, schools, government agencies and individuals living and working in Clearwater County.

The CCCVC believes all people deserve to work, play, live and grow in a safe, respectful environment free from violence.

The CCCVC addresses the concerns of violence by annually sponsoring a wide variety of educational and motivational events, fund- raisers, programs, workshops, and presentations in our schools and to the community-at-large.

Some of the activities are:

  • Radiothon to End Child Abuse
  • Brat & Taco in a Bag
  • Mock Crash
  • Variety of Lyceums & Workshops on violence prevention, & substance abuse
  • Healthy Kids Fair
  • Child Safety Programming

If you would like to become an active participant, you are welcome to share your ideas or concerns.

The CCCVC meets at the Clearwater County Courthouse at 9:00 AM every first Thursday of the month from August to May.

Creating a nonviolent community, one heart and one day at a time.