Chemical Dependency Services

Chemical Dependency Services is a planned program of care for the treatment of chemical dependency or chemical abuse to minimize or prevent further chemical abuse.

Each county and American Indian tribe is responsible for:

  • Assessment and placement of recipients who need chemical dependency treatment services; and
  • Establishing contracts with facilities and programs to provide chemical dependency services.

To be eligible for these services, a household income needs to be at or below the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

For Prepaid MinnesotaCare and Prepaid Medical Assistance Plan (PMAP) enrollees who need chemical dependency services, the health plan is responsible for the assessment, placement, and the provision or contracting of chemical dependency treatment services. MinnesotaCare adults and non-pregnant women (Program XX) are responsible for the inpatient hospital copayment.

Payment will not be made for chemical dependency services provided to an eligible recipient/enrollee who has not been assessed as needing chemical dependency treatment services and referred by the responsible county, prepaid health plan, or American Indian reservation

Call to schedule a chemical dependency assessment to determine whether treatment is needed and if you are eligible for funding.