School Resource Officers

The School Resource Officer program places a full-time deputies in the Bagley Public School District. The deputy serves as liaisons between the Clearwater County Sheriff's Office and school community.

A school resource officer is a fully-licensed law enforcement officer who is assigned to a school district. The School Resource Officer Program is a partnership between the Clearwater County Sheriff's Office and the Bagley School District. The School Resource Officer (SRO) is a resource used by the school to address issues related crime prevention and enforcing laws. The SRO protects the welfare of students, teachers and the school community. They are responsible for promoting public safety through education, prevention, and intervention

The schools in our county are a safe place in our community. Regardless of the high profile and media coverage a school shooting receives, schools have a low rate of serious crimes committed at their locations. The SRO deputy is there as a resource to help improve the safety and quality of the school community. A SRO is the first line of defense against gangs, drugs, alcohol abuse and school violence. They also take care of minor problems so another deputy is not taken away from street patrol. The partnership between the school and deputy gives the school a more efficient way to help solve many issues that arise at the school and surrounding community.

The SRO works with staff, school administration, students and parents to identify problems and solutions for many law enforcement related issues that come up in the daily functioning of the school. Our goal is to be a resource to the school community to help make it a safe place to learn. The SRO is called upon, to teach, enforce, counsel, supervise and mentor in order to achieve our goal.

To contact your child's school resource officer, please contact the school at the number listed below:

Bagley Public School District:   218.694.3120, ext. 2320