Highway Department

The main objective of the Clearwater County Highway Department is the construction and maintenance of County Highways and Bridges. The goal of the Highway Department is to ensure that the roadways and bridges are designed according to Federal and State guidelines, constructed according to the contract specifications and properly maintained to ensure the safety of the traveling public.

The highway system under the jurisdiction of Clearwater County is composed of:

326 miles of County State Aid Highways
105 miles of County Roads
74 structures on the state bridge inventory list

In addition, the Clearwater County Highway Department provides:

  • Blading services on approximately 54 miles of township roads 
  • Snow removal services on approximately 189 miles of township roads. Three motor graders and eight tandem axle snowplow trucks are used to remove snow on approximately 620 miles of roads that are serviced by Clearwater County Highway Department.

The main Clearwater County Highway Department office building is located in Bagley, Minnesota . There are two outlying shops within the county located in Alida and Clearbrook.

The staffing of the Clearwater County Highway Department is composed of a Civil Engineer, an Assistant County Engineer, two Engineering Technicians, an Accountant, an Engineering Clerk, a Maintenance Foreman, one full time Mechanic, and 9 Heavy Equipment Operators for a total crew of 17.



Adopt-A-Road is a public service program for volunteers to pick up litter along county roads.
It is a way for environmentally conscious citizens to make a personal contribution to a cleaner environment.

Litter is unsightly. It destroys the natural beauty of Minnesota and Clearwater County's roadsides. Litter is expensive. Minnesota spends $2 million a year picking up litter and that doesn't count what cities and counties spend.

Scenic and litter-free roads say "Welcome" to visitors and make us proud to be residents of Clearwater County and Minnesota.

If you'd like to adopt a road, email Char Syverson, call 218.694.6132 or fax at 218.694.3169.